Our Bakery Approach

Poor Man’s Bread was founded in 2009 in the city of Hurst, TX. What started in a garage has now grown into something that people can’t get enough of. All of our delicacies are made from scratch using traditional recipes passed down from our father and generations before from Tonga Island.

Our Mission

We are passionate about bringing new and exciting products for our customers every once in a while. As we’ve grown, so have our delicious menu, yet our values have remained the same. We use the best ingredients money can buy and make delicious bakeries with a meticulous eye for quality, flavour, and taste.

To create bakeries that urge people to come back for more has remained our primary mission since day one. At Poor Man’s Bread, you will find a wide range of baked treats, including bread, pastries, cakes, pies and much more. All the items are made with care, love, and a unique technique by a small but passionate team of chefs. No matter how many branches we open, customers can always be assured of a welcoming and hearty environment, delightful aroma, friendly staff, and of course, heart-stoppingly delicious treats.

What Our Client Says

Our Chefs

Our extremely talented pastry chefs love nothing more than playing around with flour, butter, and eggs. Their amazingly delicious cupcakes will surely make your mouth water!

Suzanne Carrell

Expert in Cake Decorating

Heston Collins

Expert in Bread Baking

Tyler Owen

Expert in Cake Making